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I'm pulling together yarn and cloth to make forget-me-not inspired projects - I've some applique and patchwork in mind. I'm making forget-me-not inspired items, to sell and raise funds for Alzheimer's Society who were truly a huge help and support to us these past few years.

So much has happened since my previous post on the blog nearly a year ago. The shop was put on hold, to give me time to be there for my lovely, kind Dad - Brian. I'd been caring for Dad, for some while beforehand, as Alzheimer's disease begun to take hold of his life. When Dad moved in to live with us in 2020, our day to day routine often included making things, pom-poms were a favourite, and picking materials for a quilt and sorting them ready for me to sew...

Then, 10 months ago, we learnt Dad had lung cancer, as well as the Alzheimer's Disease. As before, we made the most of living in the moment - days out to the Cotswolds, to the lavender fields; mornings sitting in the sunshine; a cup of coffee; listening to the birds together. The photo below, is Dad and I enjoying a visit to the lovely llamas at Briery Hill in November 2022. Dad loved alpacas and llamas and their calm, unflappable nature.

Earlier this year, my Dad, passed away - I miss him more than words can ever say, and I'm holding onto cherished memories, that will remain forever in my heart.

Making the forget-me-not inspired items, is helping a lot too, something to focus on...

Blue and white patchwork squares from the The Shores collection of quilting cottons by Brenda Riddle for Moda Fabrics, and crochet forget me nots
Patchwork squares from The Shores collection of quilting cottons by Brenda Riddle for Moda Fabrics, and crochet forget me nots

I love how The Shores collection of quilting cottons by Brenda Riddle, (shown above) includes a really pretty blue floral, like forget me nots.

I'm learning crochet! As someone whose sewn from being six, and only in the past few years picked up a crochet hook, it's a whole new world to me! But it's so relaxing and something which is easy to pick up, and put down, when you have only a few minutes to spare - and like sewing, it provides much needed moments of mindfulness and relaxation.

For more information, on how to get involved in the Alzheimer's Society Forget-me-not Appeal and help make a real difference visit Forget Me Not Appeal | Alzheimer's Society ( There is also a Facebook group too, sharing lovely ideas, patterns and the things being made, it's so inspiring.

If you'd like to find out more about the Alzheimer's Society and Alzheimer's disease, please pop by

Hoping you have a contented day, and time to enjoy the simple things,

from our little hive to yours

Happy making Xx

Blue and white patchwork on sewing machine, The Shores fabric by Brenda Riddle
Patchwork using The Shores by Brenda Riddle for Moda Fabrics at Honeybee Cloths


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