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Our fabrics are sold in units of 25cm by width of fabric - in general, this is the minimum amount which can be ordered for fabric that is cut fresh from the bolt. 

To order yardage enter quantity in units up to the required amount e.g.


1 unit = Long Quarter (25cm x 110cm)


2 units = Half metre (50cm x 110cm)


3 units = 75cm x 110cm


4 units = 1 metre


5 units = 1.25 metre


6 units = 1.5 metre

7 units = 1.75 metre

8 units = 2 metres

12 units = 3 metres


And so on. 


We are always happy to cater to customers specific needs, so if you would like your fabric cut to measurements not listed, please contact us either via email or phone, and we will prepare your order as required.


We also sell fabric as individual Fat Quarters (FQ).


  • When cut by ourselves from the bolt these measure 50cm x 55cm.

  • Pre-cut Moda FQ’s, are slightly smaller, cut to the US FQ size of  18” x 22”

Some of our bundles also contain Fat Eighths (FE), measuring 25cm x  55cm.

Again the pre-cut Moda FE's are cut to the US size of 9" x  22"

If you need any help or guidance when ordering, please email or phone, we'll be happy to help.

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