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Follow-up - "Little moments of calm" easy to sew block

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

On the home front - this quilt's come a long way, since our tutorial for making an easy to piece, fusible interfacing patchwork block, posted on the blog, way back in February 2021.

This pic of the completed quilt top is from June 2021 - Just before being quilted.

It's been a team effort, initially to pass the hours in lockdown, Dad placing each 2 -1/2" mini-charm square, and me and my trusty Janome sewing machine - "Ethel" stitching the pieces together. Me and Ethel had quite a job keeping up with Dad, as he rattled through 9 whole blocks in total! Enough for a good size quilt!

The materials used were Dover by Brenda Riddle, and Flour Garden by Linzee Kull McCray - there's still a little of both in the shop. They're both very pretty and the citrus and turquoise colours in Flour Garden really pop.

Keystone unit made from 2- 1/2" square and 1- 1/2" strips.

In total there were 9 patchwork blocks, made up of 36 squares in each (a total of 324 squares).

In the completed quilt top 4" square "keystone units" and sashing, were used to separate the blocks.

The little keystones were made from a 2 -1/2" square snuggled in the centre of 1- 1/2" strips. When sewn, the keystones in the quilt top, measure 4" wide (centre square 2", strips 1" wide).

If you're making the quilt, using the 9 patchwork panels you'll also need:

  • For the keystone units - (16) 2-1/2" squares, and 20cm of fabric, cut into 1-1/2" strips.

  • For the sashing, 80cm x 44" fabric - cut into (7) - 4 1/2" x WOF strips.

  • For the border, 2 metres of fabric - cut lengthwise along selvedge into (4) - 11 inch wide x 2m strips

  • For the backing 4.25 metres of 44" wide cotton.

  • For the binding 0.5 metres of 44" wide cotton.

The completed quilt measure 76" x 76"

One year on, and the binding and label is sewn.

It's been named "Happy Memories Quilt. The printed label includes photos of holidays together, with our dear ones.

A huge thank you to Jo at LouLou Rioux Longarm Quilting in Rockfields, Monmouthshire for the gorgeous quilting. Dad and I love it, and Jo's apple blossom longarm quilt pattern is perfect 🌸

Happy Memories Quilt in Dad's room

The completed quilt - quilted and bound!

You can find the free tutorial to make the quilt blocks here,

We'd love to see the beautiful projects you make, using the fusible interfacing patchwork method used in this quilt, so please do post them on Instagram using the hashtag – #HoneybeeClothsMakes

We hope you have a lovely day, and time doing things you love.

From our little hive to yours,

Happy sewing Xx


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