Made by: Vilene / Vlieseline



  • Width 90cm


  • Very soft, medium weight interlining for small parts as well as front parts of jackets etc. made of very lightweight to mediumweight outer fabrics.


  • Sold by the half metre.
  • 42 g/ m2


How to use:


  1.  Place the interfacing with the coated side on the wrong side of the fabric.
  2. Then using dry heat glide the iron firmly 5-6 times very slowly over each area of the insert, so that each area receives approx. 8 seconds of heat.Iron setting: silk/wool.
  3. Allow the pieces to cool flat for about 20 minutes, so that the adhesive can set properly.

Vilene Iron on Interfacing G405/315 - Medium weight (white)

SKU: G405/315
  • Made by: Vilene / Vlieselene

    Width 90cm.

    Sold by the half metre. Order more than 1 unit,  and it will be cut as a continuous length.